No, the coronavirus pandemic is not over.

Some commentators, mostly writing in right-wing newspapers, seem to suggest that things are getting better in the UK. Are you convinced?

When one looks at cases only, it may look like it is not too bad to them, despite the UK facing as high as over 30,000 positive cases a day for a few weeks now (last summer, the maximum number of positive cases in the UK was only 1,715 on 30 August).

When looking at hospital data, it is far from looking like it is getting any better though. And schools have not started yet!

Considering that 12 million children have not been vaccinated in the UK, the virus and its variants have an immense source of possible new hosts thanks to an uninterested government that missed the opportunity to vaccinate them during the summer as France did.

We might just be a mutation away from a new variant that could attack children more than adults.

917 deaths in a week. 385 in two days. Are we to get used not only to a hundred deaths a day but to two hundred deaths a day now? Is this the new normal the government thinks we must get used to?

What is the Government doing? ■

(Cover: Flickr/Number 10 — PM Boris Johnson. — CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)