Don’t let them tell you we are back to ‘normal’.

There should be a real concern that some people feel they are no longer at risk and appear to have stopped taking steps to protect themselves and others. No social distancing. No proper ventilation. No masks in buses. No masks in the tube. No masks in trains. No masks in the streets. No masks at school gates...

Data are trending upwards, week by week, steadily but worryingly, reaching new levels. 3,069 deaths were reported in the last 28 days in the UK.

And what is the government doing about that?

They hold their cabinet meeting without masks or social distancing. Because they want you to believe we are back to ‘normal’.

The superjumbo Airbus A380 has a typical seating for 525 passengers. Imagine how people would react if, every 28 days, six A380 were crashing to the ground with 525 Brits on board and the government were not doing anything about it because they considered planes not risk-free and therefore those deaths ‘normal’.

3,069 deaths in 28 days because of Covid-19. Around 200 deaths every day.

Don’t let them tell you it is normal. Don’t let them pretend it is normal.

This is not ‘normal’. ■

(Cover: Flickr/Number 10 — PM Boris Johnson and his cabinet. — CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)